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Claus Troelsgaard (b. 1986) is a photographer and visual artist based in Copenhagen. While working in the contemporary art field he explores the notion of materiality in our postmodern society creating sculptural compositions and staging’s with photographically determined and poetic aesthetics in carefully crafted settings. 

Drawing on a background in photography and lighting Troelsgaard builds up his images like a painting paying carefully attention to the relation between forms, colours, and structures with the right amount of light and shadow in his creation of surreal landscapes and fictional characters. 

By twisting the visual expression of a recognizable everyday object and combining it with other elements Troelsgaard changes the ordinary into something extraordinary. In this way he reworks our physical surroundings into a language of his own with a mythical expression and quality. 

The craft is always at the centre of Troelsgaards photography in these momentarily staging’s where no digital manipulation is required afterwards. With a sharp creative eye, he is transforming his experience of the world into an artwork whether he is working with natural objects, artificial materials or human bodies in strange postures. 

There is something slightly unsettling and thereby appealing in these photographic scenarios revealing an emotional landscape underneath. An uncanny atmosphere within where power structures and the objectification of nature becomes a theme of representation in a dreamy and poetic universe.

Artist Statement

My curiosity as a photographer and visual artist lead me in many directions. I transform my own way of seeing and being in the world into dreamy photographic abstractions with a main focus on the notion of materiality and how we value different materials in contemporary societies today. By connecting elements that are not naturally related – in a borderland between nature and culture – I am constantly seeking new visions of the world surrounding me. Drawing upon a sculptural understanding I am rearranging and modulating every composition as a revelation of the emotional experience that lies beyond the naked eye. What is a body? What is natural and what is staged? Nothing is as it seems, and I enjoy this surreal interplay between natural and artificial textures and structures, light and shadow in a constant exploration of an(other) poetic version of our physical reality.


2019: Solo Exhibition – Selected Works, 11o, Copenhagen, Denmark
2019: Material Landscapes, Studio X, Copenhagen, Denmark
2019: Exhibition Act 1, Studio X, Copenhagen, Denmark

Art Pieces

Each print is available as limited edition in two sizes. The photo art print is delivered with a signature by the artist and indication of series number.

The art piece is printed on high-quality paper. Depending of size we use Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305 gsm, Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta 315 gsm or Photo Rag duo 276 gsm.

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The small pieces are shipped in a box. The large pieces will be shipped in a dent-resistant tube. 

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